What do we know about arthritis?

by Dr. Mohini Rawat

by Dr. Mohini Rawat

President & Founder of Mohini Rawat Physical Therapy, PC

Arthritis is NOT just a joint problem

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in older adults. In recent years we have gained insights into the pathogenesis of pain in osteoarthritis. It is not just the joint but the periarticular tissue that gets affected in arthritis which includes synovium, capsule, ligaments, muscle, fascia etc.

Sharma L. Osteoarthritis of the Knee. The New England journal of medicine. Jan 7 2021;384(1):51-59.

Typical symptoms are morning stiffness, pain, joint crepitus/joint sounds, loss of range of motion, buckling/giving-way, swelling muscle weakness and fatigue.

Arthritis pain stems not only from inflammation of joints and periarticular tissues, but also from altered pain processing in the central nervous system. We humans are complex beings, what can we say?

Hunter DJ, Bierma-Zeinstra S. Osteoarthritis. Lancet (London, England). Apr 27 2019;393(10182):1745-1759.


Movement and physical activity will not worsen arthritis

“Motion is lotion” – have you heard of it? Movement and physical activity are good for joint health. It is natural to feel protective of a painful joint, but inactivity is not good for it. Whenever you are experiencing a flare up, it is best to modify your activities.


Self-management and education are the key core strategies

Management of arthritis should be tailored to the individual and focused on core treatments. Other treatment includes oral medications and surgical procedures when the core treatment fails.

The core treatment includes-

  • Education
  • Land based exercises
  • Weight management (if applicable)
  • Physical activity
  • Decrease sedentary behavior
  • Proactive approach to delay or prevent functional decline

Sharma L. Osteoarthritis of the Knee. The New England journal of medicine. Jan 7 2021;384(1):51-59.


Embrace arthritis head-on with a proactive approach

Live your life without being ruled by arthritis. Face it head-on by participating actively in the management. Educating yourself and being proactive are the keys to success here.



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