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Yes. You can! Direct access. No referral required. We can see you with or without a referral.

If you have not already filled out the intake form by going to patient registration in the patient portal, you will first fill out the form and consent to evaluation and treatment. After that we will perform an in-depth evaluation to figure out the source of your problem. Following the evaluation specific treatment for that problem will be presented and implemented. We will work with you to achieve your health goals and stay healthy with our empowerment model.

Absolutely!!! We provide wellness services to help address any deficiencies in your strength, mobility or form to keep you healthy. Ask us about our wellness service customized to your needs.

No Way! Your waiting time will be 0 minutes. We respect your time and ask you to respect our time. That is why your appointment is always on time.

We cater to busy professionals and active adults to help them stay on top of their musculoskeletal health. We understand how valuable your time is and will never have you waiting.

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Why should you care about resistance exercises?

Resistance exercise involves working against a force to build muscle strength and endurance. The health benefits of resistance exercises are numerous, and include:   Increased muscle mass and strength: Resistance exercise increases muscle mass and strength, which can

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Are low back pain and leg pain related?

Low back pain and leg pain can be related because the nerves in the lower back travel into the legs. The spinal cord and nerve roots in the lower back send nerve signals to the legs, allowing them

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The role of care in transforming society

My visit to St. Jude Children’s research hospital   At St. Jude children’s research hospital, an incredible place, I was invited to teach a course. Its name may suggest that it is a children’s hospital, but St Judes

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Joint sounds and their meaning

The joint is where the cartilage-covered ends of two bones meet. A small amount of joint fluid is contained in the capsule that surrounds our joints.     You may have experienced joint popping or clicking.  There is

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What do we know about arthritis?

Arthritis is NOT just a joint problem Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in older adults. In recent years we have gained insights into the pathogenesis of pain in osteoarthritis. It is not just the joint but

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